Friday, February 10, 2006

Comic Books

Aha! Finally! I can log on!

Blank space bugs me, so I'll pop in a quick blog until I get everything up and running. It's the first couple of pages from the comic book I've been writing and will send in to Marvel once I can get it done. I know I've got a pic somewhere, and I'll link it later when I can find it. I'm not sure if there are any comic book fans in the class, so I'll leave out the description for now.

Genesis: Part 1

Page 1
I can feel it moving through me.
[Panel 1: Spider crawling over an eyepiece]

The city is crawling in my veins.
[Panel 2: pull back, showing that the spider is crawling over his masked face]

It’s fine, though. After all,
[Panel 3: further zoom back to see a crouched figure perched on the lip of a building. Other, taller buildings tower up behind and around, closing in.]

I’m crawling through it.
[Panel 4: shot of a black silhouette crawling down the side of a building.]

It’s in me, as much as I’m in it. Every handhold I find, every footstep I take across the rooftops is New York reaching deep inside me.
[Panel 5: Silhouette of NY with full moon behind it.]

Page 2
I can feel the grime in my fingers,
[Panel 1: Closeup of fingertips splayed across graffiti on brick.]

the filth under my soles.
[Panel 2: A black-clad foot crushes a pile of soot, cigarette butts poking out the sides.]

Decades of soot, of cigarette ash, of tears and blood,
[Panel 3: We see his silhouette over a broken window.]
[Panel 4: As he crosses over the window, it lights up, and we see a man landing a blow upon a woman’s cheek..]

of broken hearts and ruined dreams
[Panel 5: He’s crawling from left to right at the top of the panel, below, a young woman sleeps, propped up against the wall in an alley, surrounded by crumpled papers and empty bottles.]

all layered so thick you can slip on it if you’re not careful.
[Panel 6: From half-way up an alley wall, he jumps up to the top of the next building.]

Page 3
And the lights . . .
[Panel 1: We see a fashionable, wealthy couple walk down a street, chatting gaily.]

The lights will blind you if you’re not careful.
[Panel 2: A mugger steps out, holding the two at gunpoint.]

You can see them even when you close your eyes, pounding in the darkness.
[Panel 3: Over the mugger’s shoulder, we see Crawler’s eyes gleaming from the shadowy depths of the alley.]

Because the city has a heartbeat . . .
[Panel 4: Mugger looks over his shoulder, surprise plastering his face.]

An unstoppable ebb and flow . . .
[Panel 5: We see crawler tackling the mugger in the midsection and sending them both into a pile of trash. The mugger’s gun goes flying.]

And if you’re not careful, it can pull your feet out from under you.
[Panel 6: Closeup to Crawler’s face as the Mugger’s fist smashes into the side of it.]

Page 4
But if you’re good, I mean really good
[Panel 1: Crawler crouches across the alley, low to the ground. In the foreground, we see the mugger’s hand, clenched around a pipe.]

You can ride it.
[Panel 2: Large multiple-figure action shot of crawler springing up and dashing forward straight at the mugger.]

Use it.
[Panel 3-5: Several small panels of fist blows and kicks landing on the mugger. A kick to his gut, a slamming of the mugger’s pipe-wilding hand to the wall, stomp to his foot, etc.]

Make it part of you.
[Panel 6: Crawler’s fist slams below the mugger’s face in a vicious uppercut.]

Make it all of you.
[Panel 7: Crawler stands above the crumpled form of the mugger.]

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