Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crawler, installment 2

Page 5:
Take a breath.
[Panel 1: Crawler’s back as he scales a brick wall.]

Take a moment.
[Panel 2: Crawler climbing up over the lip of a building, back still to the reader.]

Take it in.
[Panel 3: Crawler’s back to the reader in silhouette on a rooftop, the brightly-lit city below him.]

[Panel 4: Close-up shot of eyepiece reflecting the city lights.]

Page 6:
Then dive
[Panel 1: Crawler going into a swan-dive off the rooftop.]

[Panel 2: Freefall shot, falling, falling toward the asphalt.]

[Panel 3: Right hand in web-shot pose, more claw-like than Spidey’s, but still essentially the same as a jet of thick, viscous goo fires out from his wrist. SFX: “Thwip!”]

[Panel 4: Webline spatters across a gargoyle’s face and chin, trailing off-panel (bottom)]

[Panel 5: Crawler webslinging on a single line above the heads of frightened New Yorkers. Pose should be less open and freewheeling than Spidey, more clustered, ball-like.]

Page 7:
Because you know the monsters will be back
[Panel 1: Mugger is encased in a gooey cocoon, only head exposed, stuck to the wall above Police Headquarters.]

The sickness will return
[Panel 2: Woman from Page 2, Panel 4, curled into a ball in a corner, a shadow looming over her.]

The nightmares will never go away.
[Panel 3: Alley from Page 2, Panel 5, now empty, shadows play across the wall, a larger shadow struggling over a smaller, female shadow.]

You know deep in your heart that they only get worse.
[Panel 4: Close up of a woman’s eyes, frightened, with tears running from them, a rough hand clapped over her mouth.]

And all you can do is scream. Scream and try to wake up.
[Panel 5: Same alley, the large shadow is now hunched over, and a trickle of blood runs out of the alley on the pavement.]

Because otherwise, the boogeyman gets you.
[Panel 6: Close-up shot of Vulture, only bridge of nose to forehead, eyes are covered with dark sunglasses, eyebrows are furrowed with intensity.]

Page 8:

J. Jonah Jameson’s voice: “What the @^&* is THIS?”
[Panel 1: Front page of the Globe Newspaper, Headline: “Vulture Strikes Again!” Second line: “Fifth Manhattan Victim Found Violated and Mutilated” Picture of alley with blood-trail.”

Daily Bugle Staff Member: “What’s wrong, sir? We covered the story, too—ten times better.”
Staff Member 2: “That’s right—they even got their info wrong—that killer’s offed SIX victims in Mahattan so far.”
[Panel 2: Office shot of JJJ behind his desk, a few staff members of the Daily Bugle observing his rant.]

JJJ: “That’s not the point!”
[Panel 3: JJJ slams the paper down on his desk, grinding his cigar between his teeth.]

JJJ: “I want to know where these Globe &*#^$ers get off stealing a copyrighted name!”
[Panel 4: JJJ grabs his phone, yelling into it]
JJJ: “Brant! Get me that ^&$# Harris at the Globe!”

Harris: “I really don’t see what the problem is, J. J. No, it’s not copyright infringement, just the same name for two different people. OUR Vulture is a serial killer that’s been preying on the weak and sick women of New York. YOUR Vulture is a deluded old man in a green jumpsuit. At least OURS makes sense . . .”
[Panel 5: Harris is leaning back in a chair behind a desk in a dark room, the shades drawn, phone cradled to one ear, fingers steepled.]

JJJ: “What am I supposed to do? Some nutjob puts on a green costume and flies around New York on strap-on wings; what am I supposed to call him? ‘The Hummingbird?’”
[Panel 6: JJJ is shouting into the phone]

[Panel 7: JJJ slams down the phone.]

[Panel 8: We see a thoughtful look cross JJJ’s face, his hand still resting on the receiver.]

JJJ: “Ms. Brant, see if we have a copyright on anyone with the name ‘The Hummingbird.’”
[Panel 9: Newspaper flaps open, corner article on page 5 in full view. Title: “Sightings of a New Wall-Crawling Monster?” picture: Shadowy crouched form of Crawler on a rooftop, looking less human than like some monstrous spider.]

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