Monday, February 13, 2006

Homework due 2/13

2) Write two shorter essays (3-4 paragraphs each) using only one type of appeal (argument from any one of the following: heart, values, character, reason) for each essay. So, if you write one essay that is "all heart", your second essay might be all reason. Again, you may use logical fallacies if you think that they will help you convince your reader. Identify which appeal you are using in each essay ahead of time (i.e. Essay 1: Argument from the heart) Be sure to identify your audience before you write your essay. (i.e. Audience: Dr. Malesh OR Audience: The Chronicle of Higher Education OR Audience: My Mother to whom I am explaining why I got a "C" in my writing class).

Logic--addressed to a crowd as a speech presenting a new idea
Everyone always worries about heaven and hell, after they die. I pose, instead, the argument that perhaps this life is heaven.It is so full of everything! Love, pain, life, death, all this and more! Is not joy made sweeter knowing that there is pain? Is it not cherished more, savored more, knowing that there are alternatives far worse? Are not the times of love and joy and hope and happiness made more precious, more valuable, more potent knowing that they do not last forever? It is the temporalness and the bad that is present in this world that makes every good thing sweeter than before.

And maybe this life is Paradise. This world full of so many things for of grace and light and happiness would not be complete without horror and doom and pain. The bad gives the good definition, gives it light, and the light sharpens the shadow.

Truly, we know no greater pain than that which we have experienced, though we fear deeper pain. We know no greater joy than that which we have encountered, and we hope for even more as our lives progress. Thus, the greatest joy we have experienced is in this world, on this plane of existance, and though I make no claim to know what lies beyond the grave, perhaps since the best things are those that we know in this life, then it follows that this life is the world full of grace and wonder, that this life is heaven.

Heart--A rant on gay marriage, designed to inflame and anger more than actually persuade, presented to the public in general.

To oppose Gay marriage, you've either got to be totally ignorant of what's important and what's not, or you just descriminate against gay people.

So which is it? Dumbass or Bigot?

There's always option three, though--to not be a total shithead and deal with the fact that some guys like to kiss.

I mean, honestly--there's no good reason to oppose gay marriage. There are several bad ones, though. One is that you're not comfortable around gay people. If that's the case, avoid gay people, go hide back in your buttter-churn and don't you dare oppose it just because you can't deal with it. Perhaps you have had bad experiences with gay people in the past. Perhaps relationships have been lost because one person finally decided to stop living a lie. If that's the case, don't take it out on the gay community that you couldn't live in a pretty, little illusion.

Another bad reason is for religion. I'm sorry, but if your religion says that it's wrong for two people in love to get married, then fuck you and fuck your god. Yes, I said it. I don't believe that any true God that truly loves His or Her children would be opposed to them sharing in holy matrimony. So any of you who are using that as an excuse can go back to humping your golden calfs, because you're god isn't who you think He is. No true God would wish unhappiness on His children, and I'm willing to accept that maybe there are more Gods out there than one--in which case, you guys using him to support the assinine are just following some phoney.

Lastly, if you just don't like gay people, period, and don't think they should be married, then, sorry friend, but you're a bigot. That's the definition of a bigot right there. In which case, go fuck yourself, because you're a giant open wound on society's unwashed ass, and your infection (read: stupidity) is making it painful for the rest of us.

If you support gay marriage, none of this is directed at you. You'll notice that the comments were all directed at those who don't, and the statements opposing their religion do so with the belief that their god is not truly your God. If you are neutral about all of this and are listening to both sides of the argument with a bemused, slightly constipated look on your face, I urge you to chose a side and at least fight for a cause. For those of you that oppose it, and oppose it with all your hearts, this is one more slap in the face, to see if you can be coaxed from your gilded-cow-polishing, white-hood-wearing, Bush-kissing homes and give any kind of defense for your shitty opinions. Because guess what--there bad opinions, just as much as there are good ones. And bitches, I'm here yelling at you from the side of good. Guess which side that puts you on.

Seriously, Dumbass or Bigot. It's your choice.

Or you could take option three, not be an asshole/dumbass/shithead/bigot (pick any that apply) and just deal with the fact that marriage is about two people loving each other.

Powerful! Sweet! Lover/supporter here... and I Never knew you had those kinds of teeth Jason. Wow.
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