Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Random Blog. Chapter Summary for Theory and Methods.

Chapter 2 Summary.

Keim seems to often take a “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” standpoint. In this chapter, Chapter 2, Keim addresses how we learn about Africa. Keim covers television culture, the print media, national geographic, and amusement parks among other sources. Television culture covers both television programs and movies. The television programs covered are limited to cartoons, George of the Jungle, Johnny Quest, Mickey Mouse, and Popeye. Between these and movies such as The Lion King and Congo, Keim makes the claim that all of these various forms of information contribute to a negative stereotype of Africa. It is National Geographic that seems to recieve unfounded criticisms. Or at least, Keim names it as a contributor to the mass of stereotypes. However, the magazine has made massive advancements, according to Keim
I particularly enjoyed the analysis of amusements parks. It seems that they, too have made massive advancements in the elimination of stereotypes. Busch Gardens, specifically, has come a long way from its “Dark Continent” attraction, updating the attraction to a milder version of Africa.

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