Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crawler page 8 edit

Page 8: Harris: “Good job, folks. Our best work yet.”[Panel 1: Front page of the Globe Newspaper, Headline: “Vulture Strikes Again!” Second line: “Fifth Manhattan Victim Found Violated and Mutilated” Picture of alley with blood-trail.” Globe Staff Member 1: “Better than that special on Murdock?”[Panel 2: Rear shot of Harris at his desk at the Globe Newspaper Office, his chair blocks our view of him, but we can see two staff members in front of him. Staff Member 1 is male, lounging on a couch, smoking a cigarette. Staff member 2 is female, sitting on a corner of Harris’ desk.] Harris: “Even better.”[Panel 3: We see Harris’ finger’s steepled over his desk as Staff Member 2 picks up the paper off of his desk, a frown on her face. Smoke from Harris’ cigar curls over his desk, snaking around her arm and rear.] Staff Member 2: (Reading the paper) “I don’t see how, Harris. I mean, that Daredevil stuff was big news, this is what? One more weirdo on the street out of the dozen that pop up every day.”
Staff Member 1: “Yeah, boss—how is this . . . ‘Vulture’ big news? So he’s raped 5 people this month—that still puts him behind Kobe Bryant.”[Panel 4: Staff Member 2 is reading the paper, Staff member 1 is grinding out his cigarette on the arm of the couch.] Harris: “It’s not what he does, but the name we gave him. I’m expecting an angry call from our good friend J. Jonah Jameson any second now.”[Panel 5: Close-up shot, only of Harris’ mouth, cigar clamped between his teeth, smoke leaking out of the corners of his lips.] [Panel 6: The Staff members are staring blankly at Harris, the telephone on his desk in the foreground.] [Panel 7: Same shot, phone ringing, and twin smiles spread across the staff member’s faces..]
Harris: “J. J., baby—how’s it going?”
Harris: “No, J.J., I don’t think it’s copyright infringement—they’re two entirely different entities.”
Harris: “Jonah-baby, that’s not a physical possibility. Yes, well, you’re gonna have to complain to my yoga intstructor.”[Panel 8: Back-of-chair shot of Harris, shadow only.] Harris: “Listen, J.J., it’s already in print. If you don’t like it . . .”
Harris: “. . . sue me.”[Panel 9: Newspaper flaps open, corner article on page 5 in full view. Title: “Sightings of a New Wall-Crawling Monster?” picture: Shadowy crouched form of Crawler on a rooftop, looking less human than like some monstrous spider.]

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