Friday, March 17, 2006

Dungeons and Dragons

This is me setting up the atmosphere for a DnD campaign. There's supposed to be an element of majestic narration. I hope it went through alright.

It is a dawn over a new world. Two years have passed since the Warforged assault on the city of Sharn. Two years since the fall of the Gods, the insurrection of the Goblin Pretenders, and the ultimate rise of the New Gods. In the skies over Sharn, the amassed armies of the Five Nations saw them ascend—Alexis, the Fair; Gar, the Inevitable; Pax, the Calming; Nikov, the Just; and Rayner the Inescapable—as the armies of Ectomaugg, Master of Artifice, and the magically enhanced Warforged fell before the amassed might of Khorvaire. Two and a half years since an arcane tear split the skies of Aundair and nearly split the tenuous alliance between Aundair and the other four nations in an incident that the newspaper referred to as the Broken Sky Disaster. Now the political ties between the nations are stronger than ever, and it seems that a newly forged Khorvaire is rising strong from near-annihilation. Like the Phoenix, the symbol of the New Sovereign Host, new life seems infused into Eberron, a fiercely burning flame bolstering the peoples and the land itself.
The land is far from a paradise, however. As the New Gods, agents of good rose, so, too, did an agent of darkness. Ectomaugg, the leader of the NeoWarforged, seized power from the rising gods, harnessing it to pervert it to his own twisted desires. He, too, is a new God, a god of Destruction, of Avarice, and of Magic, itself. He goads on the Warforged, his dark machinations inspiring pride and solidarity among the metallic masses, leading more and more converts to the ruins of Cyre—the Mournlands—stronghold of the Lord of Blades. More than ever, now, the Warforged are viewed with distrust and even hatred throughout many nations. Karrnath, and Thrane, in particular, have taken to branding the Warforged members of their populations, in some cases manacling them, shackling them to their tasks.
It is said that more New Gods are rising, bolstering the numbers of the New Host, and that this does not sit well with Ectomaugg. It is even whispered, in hushed voices, in dark and frightened places, that the Dark Engineer has sent envoys to Vol, herself, and is considering an alliance with older, darker powers.
It is difficult to believe such paranoid mutterings during the day, most difficult indeed, with the sun high in the sapphire sky; slow-moving caravans of clouds traversing the azure expanse. This is especially so on a day when the fair has arrived in Deeppath town. This year, it has traveled West from the dangerous border of Darguun, the Goblin nation, and boasts a troup of Goblin acrobats, among other exotic delights from a hundred nations. In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to impress the residents of Deeppath. This Brellish town is far removed from the cosmopolitanism of Sharn, to the south, and most inhabitants have never traveled more than a few miles from their sleepy village.

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