Thursday, March 16, 2006

Personal vs. Biography

Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self -- Personal
--organization is a series of flashbacks, all sequential, with no pattern between the sapces.
--Only later does the pattern become clear----the concept of beauty and beauty ruined by tragedy unites the passages

--What struck me the most was the viscereal detal of being struck by the BB in the eye
----walker does not give graphic detail but instead draws out a dawning sense of horror in the reader as the realization of a ruptured eye sets in.
----Is it just me? I constantly worry about my eyes ever since I started to wear glasses.
------or is there something primal that terrifies humans with the thought of losing sight?

--light touches, I think, are the hallmark of this essay
----"biscuit-polished" shoes
----Italics are used to indicate thoughts
-------almost as if she is thinking these things as she write them.

--I enjoy the structure of the essay, with a happy resolution

High Anxiety -- Personal
--Thick, graphic details
----1st sentence--"hair is slimy"
----bathroom details
----Hyperventilations and blood clogging up the ear
----self description after hike: "forehead and left cheek mass of red bumps

--The little things
----Egg chips :-)
----How to shower

personal narrative
--familiarity came with the description of a humdrum life
--family ties make the reader think of his/her own family
--Narrative covers an entire years, though the majority covers a 6-day span of climbing up a mountain.
----It's not the destination, but the journey
----Tangible event
------Climb to Kilimanjaro

The Lottery -- Biographical
--The absent narrator allows for a seague from general into specific
----While the narrative starts off with personal details, it rapidly shifts into an essay that details a larger, less personal subject, before shifting back into the personal side of things
--The story is reinforced by its specifics, and the details provided for Raul's like make up for the lack of personal accounts
----The essay does delve later into a first-person account in which the author has an interview with Raul
--Baum draws us into Raul's life by taking us into first his community, then his past, then his story

Famous Blue Raincoat -- Personal
--The narrator appears to be a married man whos wife cheats on him with his brother
--Setting the atmosphere seems to draw me in
----What really does it, though, is the fact that these are in verse--lyrical
------The rhythm becomes another element drawing in the reader
--Time is maellable here. The lyrics indicate that some time has passed, but no specific measurements of time are given
----The only distinction between events is "then" and "now."

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