Monday, March 06, 2006

Review letter

Not entirely done, but it's a good half-hour in so far, and I'll finish it in the morning,

I thoroughly enjoyed your essay and found it both informative and interesting at the same time. I felt it was both well-organized and comprehensive. Separating the essay into first a part explaining the “pro” side of the argument and then the “con” side made the whole issue easy to understand. Given the way you have it organized, it might be good to have headings over each section, as a heads-up to the reader that you’re shifting perspectives.
Do you have a perspective on the subject of the challenges facing working women? Your paper was informative in presenting both sides of the argument, but were you persuaded to either side?
So, from what I gathered from your essay, there are several points in favor of each side of the controversy—the controversy being whether mothers should choose to be stay at home mothers or pursue a career. On both sides, the primary concern seems to be the welfare of the children. The con-side claims that a mother that does not provide sufficient time to be with her children runs the risk of raising children with behavioral problems and learning disabilities. The pro-side makes the claim that children who grow up with working mothers instead become more well-adjusted and independent. While there appears to be more statistical evidence for the con-side, you back up your pro-argument with case-studies, effectively strengthening both sides with different approaches.

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