Friday, April 14, 2006

Late Night Essay

I wrote a poem about a hypothetical situation. Honestly--it's hypothetical--I swear.

I’m sitting here at my computer
Wondering what to type
Contemplating whether I’ll be done in an hour
Or if I’ll be up all night

There’s a report due tomorrow
And the teacher was quite a bitch
She told us one essay question would be due
And waits ‘till today to pull a switch

I’ve been to sparknotes and they don’t help
Essay finder gave me naught but crap
Report-o-matic burned a fuse
I feel like I’m in a trap

I think I’ll spend an hour
Complaining to my friends
Talk to them about all this shit
And how it never ends.

Then I burn the midnight oils
Trying to find the notes I took
Reading through my classroom doodles
And puzzling together how they’re supposed to look

But Lo and Behold, I’ve found a site
It’ll give me all I need
I’ll yoink off the information
And my essay I shall weave

Yes, I’m ready, I can do it
My worries are but ash
The only worry I have now is
If the computer’s gonna--… 100!#$%0101 crash

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