Monday, April 03, 2006

"The Moon, A Lamp, and the 9:15 to Brooklyn"
by Jason M. Clements

I saw the moon tonight and thought of you
I don't know why but I did
'Twas a sliver of yellow encased in blue
Above the trees, more small than big

A sliver of light, amid the blue night
I swear I could see the whole
The shadowed, the gibbous, hidden in flight
The rest of the moon; its body and soul

They say you can never see all of the moon
That you only can see what it wants you to see
The earth casts a shadow, a dark counter-tune
To let it pretend what it wishes to be

But the moon won't stop changing, forever and now
What I saw tonight is there just for tonight
I don't know the why, I don't know the how
The save it for you, to falter its flight

The shadow is passing, ethereal, wan
It changes before your eyes and mine
Before much too long, what I saw will be gone
I can't stop the moon, I can't falter time

How I wish I could save this--not for me, but for you
I wish you could see the moon through my eyes
I wish I could show you what I see as true
But you are not here, or else I am not there. Alas, oh alack--how the time flies!

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