Monday, April 17, 2006


A very lengthy description of this art post.

One of my favorite DnD characters. Proteus-Nix is a doppleganger--one of my first D&D characters. Ah, fun times in the Temple of Elemental Evil. His original classes were in rogue and ninja spy, from the old Oriental Adventures campaign setting. He wasn't so great with actual combat, but so very fun to roleplay. After the Temple of Elemental Evil, when we started Spelljamming, was when he really shone. You see, Proteus-Nix was an accomplished liar--his Bluff checks were insane, as were his disguise pluses.Memorable times:Choking a dragon with a bead of force.Spiking the food at the mess-hall of a ship with Love PotionAnnoying the hell out of the party paladin.In fact, I liked him so much, that when I ran an Eberron game three years later, I brought him in as a primary NPC. Disguised as a harmless old man, he sent the party on quest after quest unknowingly collecting the pieces he needed to reconstruct his spell-jammer. When it became apparent that it was a Spelljammer (a trans-planar ship) that had crashed in the middle of Aundair, half of the Houses in Eberron began to compete with the party to find the pieces. Eventually things came to head with a massive war breaking out over national borders and salvage rights.Yes, this is what he does. He sows chaos for the sheer joy of it. His personality is pure Trickster, taken from such mythological tricksters as Coyote, Anansi, Raven, and Monkey, with borrowed bits from comic-book characters as Morph and Deadpool. His appearance, as you can see, if you're familiar with Exiles, is based loosely on the shapeshifting character Morph. As a matter of fact, that "Don't Panic" pin he's wearing is not only a tip of the head to Douglas Adams, but a gag that Morph pulled in an issue of Exiles.D&D, Eberron, Aundair, Spelljammer, Doppleganger, Temple of Elemental Evil, Oriental Adventures, and bead of Force are all trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, and subsequently Hasbro Toys."Don't Panic" is copyright Douglas Adams.Morph, Deadpool, and Exiles are copyright Marvel Entertainment

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