Friday, April 28, 2006

Started to go in a different direction--thought the better of it

A change of pace

You’ll have to forgive me departing from my project of video games, but I have found myself less enamored with the subject and more concerned with a far more pressing topic of late, one that is currently weighing upon my mind; suicide. The original project was to weigh the importance of government regulation as applied to the buying and selling of video games, and to what extent states and the federal government should take part in regulating the sale of violent and graphic games to children. However, I have found myself unable to truly care much either way on the subject, unable to truly pick a stand. So, in light of recent circumstances and substantial personal losses, I have opted to instead, explore the concept of suicide, in regards to reasons for and against, including arguments from religion and a socio-economic perspective. The subject in question will be me, the writer, and it will be my personal views on life, the afterlife, love, and logic that I will be exploring throughout this paper. While the subject matter is quite personal, my arguments will be kept to the point and fairly dry in an effort to avoid anything overly maudlin. At the outset of this paper, I am in favor of suicide, and will take the reader on a journey through my thoughts, all the while providing supplemental material as to make for a balanced research paper. I hope this does not disappoint.
The realms explored in this paper will be primarily religion and finance, with an inclusion of suicide demographics in the United States and other countries. Christianity, it seems, holds the highest penalty for killing oneself, whereas many Eastern religions are far more lax in metaphysical consequences. As a person’s personal religion is often a conglomerate of personal belief, we shall study those particular to the subject. A cost-benefit analysis will be given to the subject’s financial situation, weighing the apparent gains from life-insurance to existing college debt, with concerns to next-of-kin and so on.
However, before one applies such drafty topics to an individual, one must first study the subject from a larger perspective. [Insert suicide demographics here, showing first, the world, then the United States, then the statistics for college students.]

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