Saturday, May 06, 2006

Style Summary Lesson 4

Abstractions can be characters as well, it seems. Using them as such personifies them to an extent, making them more exciting for the reader.

Another point raised was the fact that passive verbs, often looked down upon by academics as inappropriate, can be used to shift the object of a sentence to a more promient role in the sentence. However, the choice between active and passive is often difficult. Several questions must be asked in order to fully evaluate the necessity of passive verbs in a sentence. One: Do the readers need to know who's responsible for an action? Two: Does the existence of the passive verb help in the transition? Three: does is make the sentence more consistant? and Four: Is it appropriate?

What I enjoyed most though in the chapter, is the assurance that it is alright to use the word "we" in a scholarly journal. In fact, the first person can be entirely correct when used appropriately. Another random fact, or random tip, I liked was the "avoiding a string of nouns." In a situation in which a number of nouns are necessary to accurately describe a subject, they can be broken up with preposition so that the reader does not become lost in a quagmire of potential subjects.

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