Monday, May 01, 2006

THoughts on reality

“What?!” exclaimed Ihi.
“We use magic.You know what 'magic' means, right? It means–”
“Yeah, I know the word, but c'mon, you really expect me to believe that you all are wizards?” asked Ihi, disbelieving.
“No,” said Ariel, frowning, “wizards are another matter entirely, we are mages. It's a generic term for anyone with magical talent. You really aren't that dense are you?”
“What's density got to do with it?” asked Ihi, momentarily confused.
“Huh?” asked Ariel, thrown off track by his question.
“What do you mean 'magical talent'?” asked Ihi.
“Like what you do,” said Ariel. “What you do with majik.”
“Well said, Ariel,” sneered Dandrei.
“Can you do better?”
Dandrei stepped forward, shoving Ariel out of the way with a disdainful shove.
“Magical talent is an inborn ability that all mages are born with,” began Dandrei. “It allows the mage to perform tasks in ways that would ordinarily be impossible, or at the very least, extremely difficult for a normal person. Majik is the raw energy that is shaped by the mage's body and mind.”
A little light-bulb flickered on inside Ihi's head. “And you think that I'm a mage.”
“No,” said Dandrei, “we know that you're a mage.”
“How so?” asked Ihi, carefully. Somehow those warpers knew that he was meta' and had tried to grab him. He didn't want these weirdoes knowing about his talent either if he could help it.
“For one, you're lighting up this pendant like a miniature sun,” said Ariel. She pulled a small gem out from inside of her cape. The yellow-orange gem sparkled in the light, but when she brought it nearer to Ihi, it began glowing. No, more than glowing: Light was pouring from the facets cut into the jewel.
“The gem is Fool's Topaz. It glows in response to magic,” explained Dandrei, snatching the gem from Ariel. She brought it even closer to Ihi, where the light grew in intensity.
“Then couldn't it be responding to any one of you?” asked Ihi.
“We've been masked from this particular Fool's Topaz for the purpose of finding you,” explained Dandrei.
“Magic and majik and gems I haven't even heard of...How do I even know that you're telling me the truth?” asked Ihi skeptically.
“Haven't the events of today been enough proof that magicians exist?” asked the cloaked one, Proteus.
“Say what?” asked startled Ihi. “How'd you know about the rest of today?”
“As soon as you entered Jiah, we were able to divine your name. Or at least, Prospero was. To be honest, Ihi, we weren't really expecting anyone from your world. The last one to show up was from about a year ago.”
“How'd you know my name?”
“Hello? Anyone home? She just finished saying that you've been watched since you came to Jiah,” said Dandrei, annoyed.
“What's Jiah?” asked Ihi.
“This is Jiah!” said Ariel, twirling around dramatically. She spread her arms wide, indicating everything. “This entire world is Jiah, and you, O' lucky Journeyman, have stumbled into it.”
“Okay, where's Jiah?” asked Ihi. “Am I like in Origin or The Star-Sphere? You all talk like you're from the Milky Way. Is that where I am?”
“What's he talking about?” asked Ariel.
“He still thinks he's in his world,” said Proteus. “I'll explain it to him.”
“Explain what?” asked Ihi, indignant. “I'm not some chatter, hepped up on 'net scans, I scan the idea I'm localed far from tel-sirin. Just tell me where Jiah is, okay?”
“First,” growled Proteus, “Loose the dialect. You're hard to understand. You can speak normally, can't you?”
“Sure, I can speak formal,” said Ihi. “If you neg ling the prio 'lect.”
“Stop that!” snapped Proteus.
“Whatever,” said Ihi.
“You're in Jiah.”
“I gathered that.”
“But you want to know where Jiah is?”
“That's what I said.”
“Are you aware of the concept of other worlds?” asked Proteus.
“Duh, there are like a giga-million planets known,” said Ihi.
“Not planets,” snarled Proteus. “Worlds!”
“Okay, you don't.”
“Don't what?”
“Don't know what a different world is.”
“Like I said, there are a giga-mil--”
“And like I said,” snapped Proteus waspishly. “Not planets, worlds.”
“I think we've hit some sort of language barrier here,” said Ihi, backing away from Proteus. While the hunched form was unnerving enough when indifferent, waspish, he was frightening. Proteus' eyes flashed from beneath his cowl and he paused to think.
“Okay,” the hunched figure said at last, “give me your most general and accurate definition of the word 'world,' okay?”
“Alright,” said Ihi, stopping to think. “It's any place in particular through the eyes of its inhabitants.”
“And what's your world?” asked Proteus.
“Guan Di,” replied Ihi, wondering where this line of questioning was going.
“Think larger than that,” said Proteus.
“The Horse-Head Nebula,” responded Ihi.
Proteus paused a moment to think. “Larger than that.”
“Okay, the universe,” said Ihi.
“So, your world, sequentially, is Guan Di, the Horse-Head Nebula, then the universe as a whole, right?” asked Proteus.
“Yeah,” said Ihi carefully.
“Can you think of a larger community than your universe?” asked Proteus.
“Not really, no,” said Ihi.
Proteus bent over and grabbed a handful of gravel from the side of the path. He held the small pile in his left hand and selected one stone from it and held it up. “Let's say that this is your universe,” he said, holding the pebbled at eye-level.
“Okay...” said Ihi.
Proteus dropped the pebble back with the others. “Here's the larger community.”

“You're talking a whole 'nother dimension?” asked Ihi, incredulously.
Proteus paused. “Yes, I think that fits.”
“Woah...” said Ihi, letting the information sink in.
“Okay, you lost me at 'worlds,'?” said Ariel.
“It doesn't matter,” said Dandrei. “The conversation wasn't for your benefit, anyway.”
“Witch...” Ariel muttered.
“I'll pretend I didn't hear that,” said Dandrei, sniffing disdainfully.
“You do that,” said Ariel.

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